Story six – The sexual frustration continues


cardsStory six of my sexually frustrated drunkard life.

It was the last day of May, 2014. I was waiting for midnight for the bank SMS notification. Me and, let’s call him Q, were roaming the streets of Grahamstown killing time. We went to Oldies to spend his electricity money on a few beers while we wait for midnight.  It ran out. On our way back to his place, we decided to make a U turn and go to this other guy’s place. We got there. He was with his friend and two girls from Midlands College. They were drinking and playing Crazy 8. We joined them. I played one or two games before suggesting that we play Strip Crazy 8 instead. The rules are the same; the only difference is that the loser, in each round, takes off one item of clothing.  We played, people stripped. A couple of games…

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