khusta3.jpgI was born on the 31st March 1992 at Mdantsane where I grew up. I started school at Equleni Junior Primary school in 1999 and I studied my senior primary school at Langelitsha, where I was the class representative in grade 5 and then the school’s head boy when I was doing grade 6 and 7. I matriculated at Khulani Commercial High School in 2011 with a distinction in Accounting.

I was invited to attend an open day at RU in 2011 as I was in the top 10 Matric. I came to Rhodes in 2012, I was admitted to the extended studies programme. I have been offered to study towards


Grade 8 student

Grade 8 student

Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy in 2017 at Rhodes, so that I may reach my ultimate goal of becoming a CA(SA).


When I graduate from Rhodes University, I will not only have attained a Bachelor of commerce degree but also leadership experience that I have gained throughout the years. Rhodes is where leaders learn.

About me


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